10 Best Hidden Objects In Games That Leave You Searching Forever

One of the most exciting activities when playing any video game is finding Easter Eggs. These can be hidden objects, secret levels, extra maps or references to other games. Some of them are in plain sight while others lay concealed in hard to reach places and you’ll only be able to find them if you thoroughly explore a certain area or level. Because we like mystery, today we’ll be presenting a list of the best hidden objects that left gamers searching forever.

Men in Black Gun – Saints Row 4
secret roomIn the South-East part of the map there is a shop and a door that has to be blown up in order to descend some stairs and ultimately enter a secret room. Here you can find a shooting range with the developers’ faces as targets and on one of the armchairs you’ll find a small gun called The Loud Locust that is directly referencing The Noisy Cricket, the weapon Will Smith uses in The Men in Black. For extra authenticity, every time the character uses this gun the recoil pushes him back exactly like in the movie.

Chinese Dolls – Battlefield 4
chinese dolls battlefield 4
In the Dragon Pass from the China Rising map, on one of the mountains near objective B there is a Chinese figurine that sits exactly on the top and waits to be found by a vigilant gamer. There are thirteen of these figurines scattered all over the place around the map and while some of them are easy to observe, there are situations where you have to make an extra effort to actually find them.

Excalibur Sword – Dying Light
On a tiny rock island in the ocean located near the Southeastern corner of the slums, the players who want to add a new item to their weaponry can find a really special sword. It is named EXPcallibur and it is a very transparent hint towards the mythological sword that could only be handled by a worthy hero. This time, Excalibur is embedded in the chest of a rotten corpse and in order to set it free you’ll need to keep the pick-up item button pressed for a little while.

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Teddy Bear – Call of Duty Ghosts
On the map Flooded you’ll have to jump on the half-sunken bus that you can see here and climb on a pipe that can be used as a ladder and a cute teddy bear can be found trapped between the wall and the pipe. You can’t actually collect it or do anything else, it is just a really well hidden Easter Egg that can only be found if you are really careful and think a little bit outside of the box. The teddy bears scattered around maps is a common trait of Call of Duty games.

Notched Pickaxe – Skyrim
Hidden well and far away on The Throat of the World sits a very special pickaxe. It is named the “Notched pickaxe” and it probably is a reference towards Minecraft’s creator Notch. To be able to get it you’ll have to climb right on top of the mountain where you’ll also find some ores ready to be mined with your new and shiny pickaxe, further reinforcing the reference to Minecraft.

Mr. Toots – Red Faction: Armageddon
Mr. Toots can be found during the first mission when you have to help Marauders fend off the Plague. You’ll need to face the doorway and look to the back corner of the room, destroy a door and pass through walls until you find a floor that constructs itself slab by slab. By continuing in this newly created corridor you’ll find a room where the mysterious Mr. Toots awaits on the floor and as you’ve probably already seen, it’s a pink farting unicorn that can be used as a gun.

Billboard Sign – GTA San Andreas
By equipping yourself with a jetpack you’ll be able to fly across the bridge in the North of the map in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. If you look close enough, on one of the steel support beams, you’ll find a billboard sign that reads “There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away”. This is probably the best hidden object that can be found in a video game due to the immense irony it comes with. To put so much effort and find out the game tricked you in the simplest of ways is really funny.

Horadric Hamburger – Diablo III
The Horadric Hamburger is a Legendary Dagger that can only be obtained from Piñatas in Whimsydale or Whimsyshire and the player needs to be level 30 in order for the hamburger to drop. It can roll Life per second but it is mostly used as a transmogrification item due to its absurd looks. Finding it in a Piñata becomes harder as you play on harder difficulties, thus the Horadric Hamburger is a very sought after item.

Hidden Meat – Castlevania
This one is really tricky because there are no indicators that something could be hidden inside the blocks that make up the outer walls. If the player hits one of the secret bricks he will eventually find a whole chunk of meat that can restore his health. The meat varieties are also named Pork Chop, Pot Roast, Werewolf Leg or Beef Jerkey, depending on the Castlevania game you’re playing. Be this as it may, this is probably the most difficult to find object due to its unpredictability.

The Toaster in the Rock – Gears of War 2
In “The best laid plans” level from the Campaign there is a stairway that leads into a balcony that has a platform with a decorative block at the edge. If you figured out that you have to break it, you’ll find a steel plated toaster inside of it. If you push the bread in the toaster it will start to smoke and as soon as the toast pops up and Marcus or another character will shout “Who wants toast?” This one is definitely the hardest object to find in a video game because it’s nearly impossible to imagine that by breaking that cement block you’ll find a toaster buried inside.